Tournament Rules


Platinum Sports SA COVID-19 Minimum Standard Health Protocols

Download the Platinum Sports SA Tourney Rules (COVID Version) (Note: this downloadable PDF document does not include the SPECIAL COVID-19 rules which must ALSO be adhered to. See link above to download or view the COVID rules)



USAV Rules are generally followed unless listed otherwise. We reserve the right to make changes or adjustments to the rules at the tourney site depending on location, teams, captains’ vote, etc.  Our Tourneys are friendly, social, and competitive, and players are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

WARNING!  Risk of injury/death from flying objects, equipment, or players incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event.  Attend at your own risk (includes players and spectators) as we have no liability. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be on alert at all times, especially during active play.

LOCATION: All our tourneys are located at Mission Concepcion Sports Park (MCSP), 714 E. Theo, San Antonio, TX. We usually start as close to 8AM as possible. MCSP charges a $5 parking fee per vehicle, cash only. Those aged 60 years or up can obtain a parking pass waiver from us but we need to know at least a couple days AHEAD of time! The facility does NOT allow outside food or drinks nor a tent/tailgate setup in their parking lot, they have a concession stand. Random bag searches are performed.

WATCH YOUR STUFF: These premises are not monitored to ensure the security of personal property of participants or attendees at our events. You are responsible for the security of your own belongings.  The event organizers nor facility shall have no liability for any theft or damages.

WATCH YOUR KIDS: Fans, players, or players with children playing on NON-Platinum rented courts will be charged by MCSP for use of the court. If a player’s child is found running around the facility, that player will be required to come off the court to refrain their child. Play will not stop while the player is corralling their children.

TEAM SCHEDULES: Teams are guaranteed at least 8 sets of play at our tourneys, possibly more. A list of teams and their divisions plus the court numbers the teams should report to on the day of the tourney will be posted on our website and Facebook prior to the tourney day (it’s constantly updated so please be ready for changes). SCHEDULES are NOT posted ahead of time due to the many changes experienced on tourney day (teams dropping, adding, changing divisions) and schedules might change during the day depending if a team is moved or no-shows. “Blank” schedules and roster sheets will be located on the score tables near your team’s court day of the tourney. All players must sign the roster sheet to register to be a member of Platinum Sports SA. Captain or a team player MUST WRITE IN THEIR TEAM NAME ON THE SCHEDULE. When writing in your team name on the schedule, this will be your team’s opportunity to select the slot that your team prefers to play…early start time, late start time, etc. It is first come first serve for selection.

Payments must be made “electronically”, we do not accept any payments in person. Payments must be made by the designated deadline as posted on our website at Tournament Teams & Schedule. Captains/players must complete the waiver/roster form within 2 hours of the tourney start time.

TIMELY!: Most of our tourneys start as close to 8AM as possible and usually finish between 3-4pm. At times we may host two tourneys in one day, usually the morning tourney will be from 8am to 2pm and the afternoon tourney will be from 2:30-9pm. Make sure your team or at least a team member is there by 8AM (or start of tourney) so as to ensure your team is not dropped as a no-show. Please help us keep the tournament running on time! 10 minutes warm-up for teams playing their first match, 2 minutes to NO warm-up time after that depending on how timely the tourney is running. If running behind some sets/games may be shortened (to 15 points instead of 21). Ref teams are responsible for getting the next match going!  We usually do not schedule a lunch break during the day so plan accordingly. We will sometimes assign a player to be the Court Captain, please follow their instructions and help to run a smooth tourney.

Team Rules

  • DIVISION DESCRIPTIONS (listed in order from lowest skill level to highest skill level):
    • “C LEVEL” teams are comprised mainly of recreational, family, and beginner players. Teams usually are learning to set the ball and hit over the net consistently. Most players can pass the ball and serve over the net. Absolutely NO players who can crush the volleyball and possibly injure opposing players are allowed in this division. No “A Level” nor “Advanced Level” players are allowed in this division without prior approval by the directors.
    • “SENIORS” teams are comprised mostly of players aged 50 years and older. At times we may have a separate Seniors 50+ and a Seniors 60+ division depending on the number of teams registered. If there are not enough teams within a Seniors division, the two divisions may be combined with each other or combined with the B or A LEVEL divisions.
    • “B LEVEL” teams are comprised of low intermediate level players. All players can pass satisfactorily and serve well. Playing with a designated middle hitter is highly discouraged. Jump serving is discouraged. Usually these teams play a 4-2 offense. No “Advanced Level” players are allowed in this division without prior approval by the directors.
    • “MASTERS’ teams are comprised mostly of players aged 35 years and older. If there are not enough teams to form a Masters division, the division may be combined with A or ADVANCED LEVEL divisions.
    • “A LEVEL” teams are comprised of high intermediate level players. Teams usually play a 5-1 or 6-2 offense, have hard hitting players, a couple jump servers, can set the ball well and are able to consistently spike the ball successfully. No advanced level players are allowed in this division without prior approval by the directors.
    • “ADVANCED MODIFIED” teams are comprised of “A LEVEL” players AND are allowed a MAXIMUM of TWO ADVANCED level players per team. Determination of an Advanced Level player is up to the discretion of the Directors and Referees.
    • “ADVANCED” teams are comprised of more than TWO ADVANCED level players per team. This is our highest level.
  • REQUIRED MINIMUM AGE: All players must be already attending high school or older.
  • FREE AGENTS: Players may register as a free agent if they do not have a team to play with and would like to join a team for the tourney. When registering as a free agent be sure to enter as much information about yourself such as age, height, level of play, positions you can play, experience…captains appreciate information when looking at the list of free agents. Registering as a free agent DOES NOT GUARANTEE placement on a team, it only notifies team captains of availability and willingness to join a team. It is the team captain’s responsibility to contact any free agents directly if they need a player for their team. Free agents who are not contacted prior to the start of the tourney are encouraged to show up the day of as early as possible ready to play in case a team is short a player (which is highly likely). Free agents are NOT required to pay ahead of time and can wait to pay after they have been picked up by a team.  FREE AGENTS are charged the member/tourney fee when they are picked up on a team.
  • JERSEYS: Teams are NOT required to wear matching or numbered jerseys.
  • REFEREES: All teams take turns reffing and being the draw team. When reffing please be considerate and pay attention to the game you are reffing.  When playing remember, the refs are PLAYERS JUST LIKE YOU and not paid professionals.  Absolutely NO SHOUTING or YELLING at the refs will be allowed. Captains should be the only players approaching the ref to question or ask for clarification.
    • Men’s teams are allowed female players (no limit).  There is no minimum number of men required to be on a coed or men’s team (i.e., a coed or men’s team can play with 6 women if they choose to do so).
    • For Coed: A minimum of 2 female players is required for coed team (unless playing with less than 6 players and ghost players).  There is NO minimum number required of male players.
    • For Reverse Coed: A minimum of 2 male players is required for reverse coed team (unless playing with less than 6 players and ghost players).  There is NO minimum number required of female players.
    • Teams are required to have a minimum of 3 players to enter and continue to play in the tourney.
    • Teams of either 3, 4 or 5 players are required to use a “ghost” player for each position that they do not fill with a drawn player(s) to fill their team (drawn players are randomly drawn from the designated draw team). Keep in mind that there cannot be 3 males in the front row in a rotation for Coed, nor 3 females in the front row for Reverse Coed. When playing with a ghost player, the captain must inform the ref where the ghost player(s) is located and the rotation must stay intact as if there were a player in that position (i.e., side out on the serve when the ghost player reaches the serving position, only two hitters at the net when the ghost is in the front row, etc.).
    • Rosters must be completed within 2 hours of the tourney start time. Once turned in and a late player arrives, they MUST sign the waiver with the Tourney Director.
    • There is a LIMIT of EIGHT players listed on a team’s roster.
    • Players are allowed to be listed and play on more than one team/roster within their division.
    • Players are allowed to be on more than one team roster outside of their division as well however these teams must be within one division level of each other.  For example, a player currently on a roster for a Coed A division team is allowed to be on the roster on a Coed Advanced Modified OR a Coed B division team (one division up and one division down) but are NOT allowed to play on a Coed C division team (which would be TWO divisions down from Coed A).
    • Advanced level players must play in Advanced Modified or Advanced divisions. They are never allowed to be on a team roster in “B or C” and if we have an ADVANCED MODIFIED division then advanced players cannot play in the “A” division/level, they must play only in the Advanced Modified division.  The determination of an advanced level player or any exceptions to the rule will be at the discretion of the Directors.  Follow our Rated Players
    • After rosters are turned in the Captains or referees may challenge the roster of an opposing team if they feel a player playing with the opposing team is not listed on the opposing team’s roster or not of high school age or playing more than one level down/up from their normal level of play/current level of play. This challenge must be brought to the Court Ref’s or Tourney Director’s attention PRIOR TO COMPLETION of the match. The Director will check BOTH team rosters and if a player is not listed on the team roster or if the player cannot produce ID verification or if it is found the team committed a roster violation, that team will forfeit the set(s) or match affected.
    • If a player is caught crossing teams and is not listed on the roster then that team’s matches will be forfeited.
    • Team winners and team seeds (if the division participates in playoffs) will be determined after round robin play.  Seeding determined by: (1) Total Match Wins, if still tied then,(2) Head to head, if still tied or if teams did not play each other then, (3) Overall set differential (total # sets won divided by total # sets played), if still tied then (4) Overall point differential (total # points scored divided by total # points against), if still tied then (5) Random blind draw. NO additional sets/matches will be played to break a tie.
    • Teams are not allowed to bring in “ringers” for playoffs.  Any noticeably “new” players playing in playoffs who are obviously above the level of play of the rest of the team or the division and who have not played in at least TWO sets during round robin on the team throughout the tourney will be subject to forfeiting their team’s matches. This will be at the discretion of the Directors and the Referee. We ask for teams to practice good sportsmanship and be aware of the skill level of your players with respect to the division.
    • Playoffs for Advanced or Modified Advanced pools only and as time allows, optional for other divisions. There are usually no playoffs in other pools unless pre-determined in the Captains meeting.  Players must have played in at least two sets of round robin play before participating in playoffs.
    • Medals will be awarded to players of teams winning 1st place in their division. There must be at least 3 teams in the division to win medals.
  • POST TOURNEY:  Teams winning their overall division should register UP a division level for the following tourney they play AND if the team is bringing back the majority of the same players.  This enforcement will be up to the discretion of the Directors and Referees.

General Playing Rules

  • NET VIOLATION: Contact with any part of the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing.  This includes the setter.  If the setter hits the net digging the ball out of the net, or they brush up against it before/during/after playing the ball it IS A VIOLATION.
  • CENTER LINE VIOLATION A player’s entire body can cross the center line under the net as long as ANY part of their body is on or above the center line and player does not interfere with play or safety.
  • Teams must rotate after every side-out INCLUDING THE FIRST side out/first time to serve of each set after the other team has served.
  • DRAW PROCESS: Due to COVID precautions we will NOT be allowing teams to draw a player from other teams if your team happens to be short a player so be prepared to play short if you find you do not have 6 players that day or for a particular match/set. While we encourage Free Agents looking for a team to show up ready to play, there is no guarantee a player will be available. Teams looking for players can view the Free Agent list of players looking for teams in League Apps. Log into your League Apps account, click on Tournaments, then towards the right click on FREE AGENTS.
    • Unlimited substitutions are allowed. Males can substitute for females and vice versa as long as the minimum number males or females that is required remains.
    • Players do not need to wait for the official’s approval and should make substitutions quickly between rallies.  The team captain or player(s) coming into the game should alert the official by calling out “sub” if extra time is needed.
    • A player of the starting line-up may leave the game and re-enter only to his/her previous position in the line-up.  A substitute player may enter the game in place of a player of the starting line-up, and he/she can only be substituted by the same starting player.
    • OPTION – If desired, teams may use “position substitution”, in which any and all players substitute in/out from the same court position (e.g. – when the team sides out, the player rotating into service position is replaced by a player from the bench).  If this option is chosen, it must be used for the entire set and, barring exceptional substitutions (injury, etc.), other substitutions will not be allowed.  In particular, a libero will not be allowed under this option.
    • All teams are allowed to play with a libero except for teams using the “position substitution” rule listed above.  Liberos may be male or female as long as the minimum number required male or female players remain on the court. For Coed, a libero may substitute for a male or female.
    • Liberos may substitute for more than one single player on a team within a set per USAV rules. Liberos may only serve for one player in a set.
    • Liberos must bump set if contact with the ball is made in front of the 3 meter line.
  • ADJACENT COURT RULE We will follow the “adjacent court” rule when players are playing a ball on the sidelines.  Players may play the ball up to the adjacent court’s side line but may NOT cross the adjacent court side line at any time EVEN AFTER PLAYING THE BALL.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS The walls and bleachers are all out of bounds. Any hanging obstacles (banners, beams, lights, basketball hoop if in playing area) are playable on the same side of the court only as long as the volleyball would have stayed on the same side or was not redirected to avoid hitting the wall, etc.  This will be a judgement call by the ref. Players may run up to but never cross the adjacent courtside boundary line to pursue a ball.
  • BACK ROW HITTERS A back row player may jump and hit the ball above the plane of the net from the back row ONLY as long as his/her feet are in back of and do not touch the 3 meter (10 foot) line prior to their jump. He/She may land on or in front of the line after their jump.
  • ON SERVE RECEIVE: No player is permitted to complete an attack hit on the OPPONENT’S serve when the ball is in the front zone and entirely higher than the top of the net. Balls played directly back to the opponent’s court on one hit/touch on serve receive must have a significant upward trajectory when crossing over the net (this is a referee’s judgement call). Blocking the opponent’s serve is not permitted.

Coed Playing Rules

  • A female player must play the ball if the ball is touched more than once on a team’s side.  A block does not count as a touch.
  • One back row male can block in the front row if there is only one male in the front row of the rotation. They are not allowed to attack the ball, simply to block.
  • No rotation can have 3 men in the FRONT row. It does not matter if there are 3 men in the back row as long as there are still 2 females on the court.
  • Players in the back row with teams of 4, 5, or 6 players, are considered BACK ROW players and are not allowed to attack/spike in front of the 3-meter line.
  • One back row male can block if only one other male is in the front row
  • Coed is played on a Men’s height net.

Reverse Coed Playing Rules

    • No rotation can have 3 females in the FRONT row. It does not matter if there are 3 females in the back row as long as there are still 2 males on the court.
    • One back row female can block in the front row if there is only one female in the front row of the rotation. They are not allowed to attack the ball, simply to block.
    • A male player must play the ball if the ball is touched more than once on a team’s side.  A block does not count as a touch.
    • Male players on or in front of the 3 meter (10 foot) line of the rotation directing a ball into the opponent’s court must ensure the ball has an upward trajectory immediately after contact. Male players are not allowed to block or make any type of blocking motion.
    • Players in the back row with teams of 4, 5, or 6 players, are considered BACK ROW players and are not allowed to attack/spike in front of the 3-meter line.
    • Reverse Coed is played on a women’s height net
    • Sample video of Reverse Coed. This short video should give you a good idea of how the ladies are the front row hitters and blockers and the guys mostly set and/or are back row hitters: