Men’s Teams League Schedules


Each week’s schedules will be posted by the Wednesday NIGHT before play night. Random ID checks will be performed throughout the season, make sure your players bring their IDs (phone pictures of driver’s license, school, work, military IDs accepted).  Teams and their spectators are responsible for following Platinum Sports SA League Rules.  Platinum Sports SA is not responsible for injury or theft. To view each TEAM’S ROSTER, go to LEAGUE TEAM ROSTERS page.

1. Crazy Breads (Rene Jimenez)    9
2. Balls Deep (Manuel Lopez) 7
3. Hot N Ready (Brian Gonzalez) 6
4. AceHoles (Rita McDaniel) 6
5. Tigres (Oscar Perez) 5
6. Team UTSA (Jalen Jones) 4
7. The Baby Bulldogs (Madison Stout) 4
8. Suck Our Digs (Will Mora) 4
9. Deez Netz! (Santos Gutierrez)  1