League General Info

Register a team or as a free agent: http://platinumsportssa.leagueapps.com/

WARNING!  Risk of injury/death from flying objects, equipment, or players incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event.  Attend at your own risk (includes players and spectators) as we have no liability. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be on alert at all times, especially during active play.

These premises are not monitored to ensure the security of personal property of participants or attendees at our events. You are responsible for the security of your own belongings.  The event organizers nor facility shall have no liability for any theft or damages.

Cost is $330 per team for our 6-week seasons (about $47 per player if a team has 7 players) to include paid refs. Deposit of non-refundable $50 is due when making your team reservation online and is applied towards the $330 team fee. No cost for registering as a free agent, you pay only if you are picked up by a team. Entire balance/payment is due the second night of league play and we will accept cash, check or credit.  Those teams NOT paying in full by 11PM on the second night of league will incur a $25 team late fee and all balances PLUS the $25 late fee must be paid in full within 24 hours or the team is dropped minus the $50 deposit. Shorter seasons may incur a lower cost, we will advertise as such.
Captains have your team fill out a Platinum Sports SA Waiver/Roster Form and turn it in on the first league night.  You are allowed  a maximum of TWELVE players listed on your roster. Rosters are kept with the referees.  No changes after the 3rd week of league play. FREE AGENTS: You pay only if picked up permanently by a team (Captains will contact you directly if you are picked up) and you will pay your share of the team fee per the Captain’s instructions. If you are not picked up by league start, please come ready to play the first 3 nights of league play IN CASE a team needs a player. 
The usual seasons are 6 weeks long.  Teams are placed in divisions based on skill level (Rec, Intermediate, Competitive). Each team will have double-header matches for the first 5 weeks (each match is best out of 3 sets) for a total 10 matches of league play plus the single elimination playoff tourney the 6th week with possible additional Friendship Matches for more play time. At times we will have shorter seasons, they will be advertised as such.
When and Where: 
Coed/Reverse Coed league matches are on Monday evenings.   Mens and Womens league matches are on Tuesday evenings January through July.  Then move to Thursday nights usually August through December.  Matches will be played between 7-11PM. All matches are best out of three sets: two sets to 21/23 and one set to 15/17 if needed. Location of ALL our indoor leagues is at Mission Concepcion Sports Park, 714 E. Theo, San Antonio, TX.
What do I win:
League Champs t-shirts will be awarded to the playoff team winners in each division.  We no longer award $20 credit for prizes.  Any players who have still not applied their $20 credits must use their credit by the end of August 2017.