Coed Teams League Schedules/Standings

2019 SUMMER 2 SEASONFirst and Second week schedules posted by the Sunday NIGHT before play night.  Rest of season posted after the SECOND week. Playoffs schedule posted the weekend before playoffs. Random ID checks will be performed throughout the season, make sure your players bring their ID’s.  Teams and their spectators are responsible for following Platinum Sports SA League Rules.  Platinum Sports SA is not responsible for injury or theft.  To view each TEAM’S ROSTER, go to LEAGUE TEAM ROSTERS page.

1. Balls N Dolls (Hailey Vidales)
2. Called To Serve (Jose Garza)
3. Deez Netz (David Rodriguez)
4. Fury (Jennifer Villareal)
5. Heroes (Bertha Espana)
6. I’d Hit That (Dominique Prince)
7. It’s A Set Up (Kimberly Leyrer)
8. One Hit Wonders (Jesse Duron)
9. Pirates (Emerie Gallegos)
10. Regios (Antonio Mendez)
11. Suck My Dig (Will Mora)
12. TX Heat (Gabby Castro)
1. AceHoles (Frank Soriano)
2. Balls & Dolls (Demi Rodriguez)
3. Block Party (Charisma Quinones)
4. Chili Cheezers (Nick Quintero)
5. Dragons (Abel Sanchez)
6. EZ Pass (Martha Fermin)
7. Head Aces (Emerald Lopez)
8. Hustlers (Tennille Siller)
9. Just Send It! (Rick Sanchez)
10. Just The Tip (Santos Gutierrez)
11. Just the Tip/Game Over (Rita McDaniel)
12. Killer Spikes (Brianna Rodriguez)
13. Serves Up (Makani Marquez)
14. Sugar N Spike (Cesar Puente)
15. The Empire Spikes Back (Jesse Duron)
16. The Has Beens (Manuel Gonzalez)
17. We Always Get It Up (Rex Zabava)
18. FSU (Andrew Sanchez)
1. Balls In Your Face (Jose Cruz)
2. Drillers (Julia Ibarra)
3. Never Back Down (Norma Solis)
4. Setsy & We Know It (Katherine Morton)
5. Sweaty Palms (Richard Gower)
6. Volleybrawlas (Jenna Dennise)
1. Ace Mafia (Emilia Gonzalez)
2. B-Slap (Terry Heim)
3. Foreplay (Amber Weng)
4. Last Minute (Jeff Lewis)
5. Safe Sets (Stacy Juarez)
6. The Hot Tamales (Gabriela Pedraza)