Rated Players

Platinum Sports SA utilizes a panel to help categorize high level players. The goal is to help ensure a fair makeup of teams in the respective divisions. The Platinum Sports SA Rated Player Panel comprises of players, referees, and directors. Determination of a categorized player is up to the panel’s discretion. Teams and players are expected to follow the restrictions or will be moved to the appropriate division and may be penalized points or forfeitures.

CHANGES may be made at any time. In addition, we are working on a list for Women as well to be implemented next season 2021 Spring 2.  It is the responsibility of the team, captain, and players to monitor these listings for updates and additions/deletions. 

ADVANCED DIVISION PLAYERS  The following players are allowed to play ONLY in our Advanced, Advanced Modified (max 2 players), or Open Divisions. 

Timothy Aurelio
Ian Calandra
Cameron Carruthers
Zeus Chavarias
Larry Cuyno
Jerel Deacon
Mike De Los Santos
Dominique Harris
Nathaniel Hennington
Pierre Hobart
Rene Jimenez
Danny John
Gabriel Levy
Floyd Love
Chris Martinez
Hector Melendez
Tristan Posas
Domingo Ruiz
Gilbert Ruiz-Lucas
Sean Salais
Roger Santos
Luis Vasquez
Jon Veloz
Adryan Wilmoth


BUBBLE PLAYERS – The following players are considered Advanced BUT are allowed to play down one level in “A Division” (High Intermediate Level). Teams using these players are limited to a maximum of ONE of these players per set.

Tarinzo Jones
Jamal Monroe
Dillon Patel
Braulio Perez
Faustino (Tino) Reyes
Roy Ridge
Victor Solis
Gilbert Torralva